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Ethos is a new mindset and model for child care and early education for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. With a unique educational approach and a stimulating yet safe environment, Ethos nurtures and enables future generations of socially, emotionally, and physically resilient people. It strengthens children, parents, and the communities they belong to.

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We have nothing but wonderful things to say about Ethos. We had researched many daycare centers around the city, as well as looked at nannies, prior to enrolling our 3-month old baby girl at Ethos. We felt the most comfortable at Ethos, and immediately connected with the staff. The director is fabulous, she really welcomed our family and made our daughter’s transition a happy one. The teachers are great, so sweet and attentive. When I often pop in during the day or at the end of the day to pick her up, our daughter is usually smiling and cooing while playing with the teachers, or peacefully napping in a clean, safe crib. It is a great feeling knowing our daughter is so well-cared for, and we are so happy to have chosen Ethos. We absolutely recommend it!

Kendra D.Current Parent


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5 super easy ways to instill gratitude in children

Adults are overall happier and less stressed when they are grateful (Emmons, Wood, Froh & Geraghty, 2010) and the same can now be said about the relationship of gratitude in children. Children who show indications of grateful behaviors have strong connections to life satisfaction (Park & Peterson, 2006) and higher emotional intelligence (Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence). Gratitude also aids in building relationships as it brings about traits such as helpfulness, optimism, and trustworthiness (DeWall,, 2012).

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The magical effects of simply telling a story

“Boo-boo. Hike!” is what one toddler expressed to me with great fervor when he came into the classroom one morning as he recalled his weekend happenings. Though he did not tell me this story with the sophistication and wordiness of a Charles Dickens novel, the same passion existed.

As early as 24-30 months, children are already learning the art of storytelling through their constantly increasing ability to sequence events, pinpoint actions in time, and identify different characters.
In this post, we will share a bit about the roots of oral storytelling and its relationship in language and social development.

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