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Ethos is a new mindset and model for child care and early education for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. With a unique educational approach and a stimulating yet safe environment, Ethos nurtures and enables future generations of socially, emotionally, and physically resilient people. It strengthens children, parents, and the communities they belong to.

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It has been a month since my baby started at Ethos full time. I had visited at least 3 different daycares in the South End and Southie area but no places made me feel as comfortable as Ethos did at my first visit during the open house back in June. A contender daycare in the South End that presumably has been in the early learning center business for generations was not even close in terms of the staff, facilities, and accommodation. The CEO and the director at Ethos did an amazing job creating a safe and creative environment, and my baby has been developing fast there. When my husband and I enrolled our baby there first, we did not get to meet the primary teacher who would take care of her all day but we trusted that the director would not bring in an unqualified person to look after my child. Sure enough we love the teacher and how caring loving and experienced she is. My baby is so happy to see her every morning. Also, I see the director and the CEO in the infant room taking care of or interacting with the babies there very frequently. They know every child there well and very responsive to her/him and the families. We are so grateful that they are so hands on and down to earth. We truly feel lucky to be part of Ethos.

Jay P.Current Parent


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“What’s in your lunchbox?”: Practicing Good Nutrition

It is not news to us that the time period between birth to six years old is a prime time for setting your child up for success for learning, behaviors, and both physical and mental health. This time is also a good time to set and practice healthy eating habits. With our children back in school, you may be asking yourself: What should I put in their lunchboxes? In this post, we will discuss some nutrition-filled options and how to instill healthy eating into your child’s lifestyle. 

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