About Ethos

For centuries our approach to education has changed little, and yet life has changed significantly. We have evolved rapidly in what we understand about development, what we know about the brain, what we value in life and how we apply it. Ethos is a new approach to education that addresses these changes. At Ethos, we combine existing proven best practice with research-based and science-backed insights into how young people optimally develop. We are socially responsible, design-driven and community-led. We have embedded human values and principles of common sense in all that we do. Above all, we understand that what we do goes beyond providing a solution; we believe we are in service to our children’s future.


holistic program

Our teaching approach is rooted in social constructivist theories — such as those from Montessori, Reggio, and Waldorf — that encourage children as individuals to explore, investigate and manipulate objects and ideas, under the supportive guidance of highly qualified teachers. Development comes through self-determined testing and questioning of different situations. Ideas and opinions are actively invited and valued. Alongside more traditional learning domains such as language, early literacy, physical development, mathematics and science, we engage our children daily with culture and diversity, and by helping them understand their sense of self and fostering social and emotional skills. Our goal is to nurture young people with an ability to learn for themselves, about themselves, and to empathize with others.


secure environment

We have utilized scientific research to create optimal environments for children and adults to feel secure. Whether in a state of relaxation or stimulation, safety and security allows people to be the best of themselves. We have engaged with world-renowned designers at Rapt Studio to develop a scheme for our interior world based on principles that support early development. We value design as a tool for enabling people and enhancing experiences. Our environments are spatially intuitive. We use a palette of materials, textures and colors that have been actively chosen for their properties, not passively specified for trend or convenience. As a result, our Ethos centers support all who inhabit them in the spirit of shared, positive learning and development.


connected community

Learning and development is part of life that goes beyond the hours of a class, or the walls of a school. We understand the fundamental importance of building close, collaborative, relationships between parents and teachers. It’s vital to us that parents feel a part of their child’s development, so we have built regular contact and meaningful interaction between teachers and parents as a core pillar of our practice. The parent is the child’s most influential teacher and we believe that Ethos should be a natural extension of the home. We understand parents’ needs and strive to offer total flexibility to support them as best we can, ensuring Ethos fits in their family lives. Our goal is to build a diverse and secure learning community for the children in our care.


better bigger picture

Children are at the center of our world. We understand that children are people, with individual strengths and ideas. Our goal is to help them unlock their potential and support them in their vital early stages of development. Our mission at Ethos is to ensure we are helping develop a generation of happy and healthy young minds and hearts, capable of building a better future.


general info

  • Open year round / closed for public holidays
  • Flexible Hours of Operation: 8:00AM – 6:00PM
  • Sibling discount: 5% for subsequent siblings enrolled (discount taken from lowest tuition).
  • Daily stroller parking and storage available



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