“I had to return to work when my daughter was 3-months and after reviewing our options in and around South Boston, including nannies and several daycare centers, Ethos is, hands down, where we feel most comfortable bringing our daughter.

The staff is warm and friendly – they took time not only getting to know my daughter, but my entire family. The director was so accommodating during the enrollment process; encouraging baby and I to come visit several times before starting and allowing my daughter to spend time with her teacher and in the nursery.

Ultimately, I have such peace of mind at Ethos. I know my baby is safe and well cared for and that her days are full of enriching activities. She is happy during drop off each day and just as happy when I peek in at the end of the day to pick her up – and that makes my momma heart very happy. She has had the same teacher since she began and all of the teachers at the center are so dedicated to loving and caring for the children as if they are their own.

We are very happy with our decision to join Ethos and would highly recommend to other families.”  – Rachel H. (Current Parent)



“We have nothing but wonderful things to say about Ethos. We had researched many daycare centers around the city, as well as looked at nannies, prior to enrolling our 3-month old baby girl at Ethos. We felt the most comfortable at Ethos, and immediately connected with the staff. The director is fabulous, she really welcomed our family and made our daughter’s transition a happy one. The teachers are great, so sweet and attentive. When I often pop in during the day or at the end of the day to pick her up, our daughter is usually smiling and cooing while playing with the teachers, or peacefully napping in a clean, safe crib. It is a great feeling knowing our daughter is so well-cared for, and we are so happy to have chosen Ethos. We absolutely recommend it!” –  Kendra D. (Current Parent)


It has been a month since my baby started at Ethos full time. I had visited at least 3 different daycares in the South End and Southie area but no places made me feel as comfortable as Ethos did at my first visit during the open house back in June. A contender daycare in the South End that presumably has been in the early learning center  business for generations was not even close in terms of the staff, facilities, and accommodation. The CEO and the director at Ethos did an amazing job creating a safe and creative environment, and my baby has been developing fast there. 

When my husband and I enrolled our baby there first, we did not get to meet the primary teacher who would take care of her all day but we trusted that the director would not bring in an unqualified person to look after my child. Sure enough we love the teacher and how caring loving and experienced she is. My baby is so happy to see her every morning. Also, I see the director and the CEO in the infant room taking care of or interacting with the babies there very frequently. They know every child there well and very responsive to her/him and the families. We are so grateful that they are so hands on and down to earth. We truly feel lucky to be part of Ethos.” Jay P. (Current Parent)

Our son started at Ethos when he was 3 months old. The director was warm and invited us to visit ahead of his start date to help us feel comfortable in the space. Since he has started, his teachers have been fantastic. They give us end-of-day updates in person every day, including photos of what he has done that day. Our son comes home happy and tired from a day of productive activities. The other families we have met are also friendly and open. We are glad to be part of the Ethos community and we recommend it to others.” – Kristi B.(Current Parent)

We enrolled our daughter at Ethos several months ago after trying two more corporate daycare centers in the South Boston/Seaport area. The quality of care at Ethos is unlike any other. Her teacher cares for her as if she is her own and has taken the time to get to know our family personally. The curriculum is enriching and encourages exploration beginning at infancy. She is exposed to interactive music, art, reading, yoga, the outdoors..(the list goes on!) on a daily basis. The facility is peaceful, welcoming and pristine. The director and CEO invest in each family and are thoughtfully building an enriching community. She is such a happy baby at Ethos. We love seeing her develop and thrive there.” – Susan S.  (Current Parent)

It’s a hard decision of letting someone else watch your child, daycare or nanny….we interviewed a few nannies & attended a few open houses but after some serious consideration we picked Ethos as the best fit for our family. Our daughter has been at Ethos for 3months now and we couldn’t be more happy with our decision. The staff is so loving, compassionate, welcoming and patient. The facility is unique, clean and build for children’s needs in mind. We plan on being part of the Ethos family for the foreseeable future.” – Ali Son P. (Current Parent)

Ethos’ vision really struck a cord with me as a father of two, an infant and a toddler, that recently had gone through the process of finding an education/care solution for our babies. Finding a solution is not hard, but finding one that really cares about the development of our children and their families is really unique and that’s what Ethos is about.”  – Sam Farhang (Rapt Studio)