Taking Care of our Well-Being

At Ethos, we understand and hold close to our hearts the wellness of all our Ethos family members, especially our young learners. You may have noticed changes in your child’s behavior during these times. This issue is dedicated to helping you help your child to cope with the current COVID-19 situation.  

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Quality Time in the Kitchen

Being at home with your child calls for spending hours and hours of time with your child. While you try to balance your household chores and spend quality time with your child, the kitchen may just offer you a place for both. In this issue, we’ll talk about how the kitchen can be a place for connection for your child and your family.

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Let’s play

It’s safe to say that all our Ethos members are familiar with play time. We believe children learn through play and exploration, and there are many benefits to participating in play everyday, especially given our current circumstances.

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